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hobostreet's Journal

Hobo Street
5 November
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Hello, I'm Quincey. I'm a hobo. A derelict prohpet, a wayward soul. Train hopping, grifting, filching, boozing, lazy hobo dancing, and mumbled hobo crooning while my vagrant fingers pluck the hobo strings of my hobo guitar are all a part of my daily get-go.
Actually that is all a lie.
My name is John. I'm a middle class, capitalist graduate student, who supports bourgeois institutions. Hypocritically, my philosophical alignment leans towards Marxism. In a way I have a bit of Quincey in me - a little socialist hobo in my soul. This serves both as an explaination of this journal's title and a disclaimer. Perhaps this may confuse some but no one is fully homogeneous, especially in their psyche, not to mention their bodies. We are all mongrels here, or hybrids if you perfer.
Let the derelict dance begin!